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Welcome to our first post in our new series called Savvy Style on a Budget. We aim to present outfits for the season – or whatever reason! – for around or under $50 from T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s. It’s easy to shop at either store when you are on a budget as they often have many items that are super-affordable and trendy. Another bonus is they have everything you need all in one store: clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses…even underwear!

We are going to show you how to be stylish at a great price at least once a month.

January is upon us already and I can’t quite let go of summer just yet as we still have warm days. So, I put together this outfit as my “Goodbye to Summer” outfit. Everything you see was purchased from T.J. Maxx.




These high-waisted scalloped shorts were a steal at just $2 on the clearance rack!

I chose a simple white tank top to compliment the sandals. The whole outfit is rather simple, but cute. It’s a nice way to transition into the greys and heavier colors that Fall usually brings. It was $5.99.

The sandals add a little pop of color with the gold, rope-like design. They were only $15.99.


And the most expensive part of this outfit was this stunning necklace at $24 – also on clearance. Tassles are very trendy right now in necklaces and the colors compliment the shorts very well.




Some of these items you can use for other outfits. You might see them resurface in some of our future posts. In total, this outfit came in right under budget at $48.

You can wear this outfit almost anywhere. It’s a versatile, simple and sophisticated look!

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