3 Ways to Transition You Makeup from Summer To Fall

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Since the fall season is almost here, I’ve been making an effort to incorporate the fall makeup trends into my daily look! Here are some easy ways to transition your makeup looks from Summer to Fall.

Transition from bright summer lip products to deep fall lip products

1. Fresh and Bright to Deep and Vampy:

Bright, lighter lipsticks are always trendy for summer, but for Fall, deeper shades are the way to go! I love wearing dark red shades and deep purple shades during this season.

Transition from bright summer eyeshadows to dark and earth toned fall shadows.

2. From Neons to Earth Tones:

Bright eyeshadows were very popular for the summer season, but it’s time to pull out those earthy shades and jewel toned shadows. These shades look gorgeous when worn in a sultry, smokey look. Auburn browns, brick reds, rich royal blues are the way to go.

Transition from light summer face products to deep fall face products

3. Pastels to Plums:

Now’s the perfect time to replace those light, fresh blushes with pinkier shades! These look beautiful when placed below the cheekbones, in between where your highlight and contour shades normally go. Drop peachy blushes to dusky pink shades. Try mauve pinks and rich brown tones for blush and bronzer. These shades can be a little intimidating, but with a light hand you will be able to achieve a natural flush!

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