5 Creative Ways to Rock a Dark Lip!

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Lorde is known for it, Jennifer Lawrence has started doing it… and we can’t wait to do it, too!

What’s trending right now? Dark lips. 

Some tips to make sure you get it right:

– Line the outside of your lips with concealer before applying your lipstick. This will help keep the color from bleeding or smudging.

– Swipe on some lipliner before going to town with your overall color.

– Use a lip brush when applying your lipstick. It’ll keep your color precise and your lines crisp.


Here’s how to wear them:


1. Your Classic Overall Dark Lip.


Khloe wears dark liptick Glamour

How gorgeous is this?! It gives a focal point to her look and adds visual interest to her classic black outfit.

2. The Ombré Lip

ombre lipstickSuperGlamNews

This looks more difficult than it is, I promise!

Don’t stress out about completing 9 billion steps and using eighty different products. Here’s a super easy way to achieve the effect:

– Throw on a dark color all over your lips.

– Take a tissue and wipe off the color on the centers of your bottom and top lips, leaving the dark color around the edges of your lips.

– Fill in the centers of your lips with a nude lipstick.

– Smack your lips together a couple of times to blend the color.

– Boom. Done. It’s seriously that simple.

3. Dark Lips and Smokey Eyes

dark lipstick dark eyeshadow


Remember when people used to say that you can’t wear a bold lip with bold eyeshadow? Throw that advice out the window. Bring out your inner bad girl with a swipe of dark lipstick AND a smudgy, smokey eye.

4. Go Monochromatic

monochromatic purple makeup


I’m loving the monochromatic look right now. This means that you use the same color on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Monochromatic makeup is unexpected, gorgeous, and fun!

5. Bare Faced

Dark lipstick, neutral eyes


I love this look. It’s super easy, and very supermodel-esque. Sweep on some dark lipstick, and keep your eye and cheek makeup as neutral and natural as possible. This is a great “I just woke up like this” look… simple, but striking.

Dark lips can be daunting, but don’t be afraid of them! They literally look great on everyone, and can be an easy and fun way to spice things up!

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