How to Cure Dandruff Naturally with Home Remedies

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What is Dandruff Made Of?

         Dandruff is caused when a Malassezia (it’s a fungus name) grows on your scalp. This results in shedding of the scalp skin. There are two types of dandruff – one occurs due to the dryness of the scalp, while the other occurs due to the excessive production of oil on the scalp. Some of the known causes of dandruff are:

Infrequent shampooing
Stress and certain illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis    
Improper and irregular brushing of hair
Improper diet
Dandruff  is harmless. But it can be embarrassing and itchy. Dandruff really isn’t about your hair, or how often you wash it. Instead, it’s about the skin on your scalp.
      Skin cells that grow and die off too fast are the problem. Exactly why that happens isn’t clear. A very common fungus  malassezia  contribute to dandruff. This fungus lives on the scalp of most healthy adults without causing any problems. One theory is that the immune system of someone with dandruff may overreact to that fungus.
Dandruff may get worse when you’re sick or stressed. Dry winters, cold, can trigger dandruff or make it worse, too.
One common cause is seborrheic dermatitis, or seborrhea. Some people with dandruff may also have seborrheic dermatitis in other areas of the body, such as their ears, the center of the face, and the center of the chest.

Causes of Dandruff.
       The cause of dandruff is unclear, but believed to involve a number of genetic and environmental factors. The condition may worsen in the winter. It is not due to poor hygiene.
As the skin layers continually replace themselves, cells are pushed outward where they die and flake off. For most individuals, these flakes of skin are too small to be visible. However, certain conditions cause cell turnover to be unusually rapid, especially in the scalp. It is hypothesized that for people with dandruff, skin cells may mature and be shed in 2–7 days, as opposed to around a month in people without dandruff. The result is that dead skin cells are shed in large, oily clumps, which appear as white or grayish flakes on the scalp, skin and clothes.

Dandruff has been shown to be possibly the result of three factors:
The metabolic by-products of skin micro-organisms.
Skin oil commonly referred to as sebum or sebaceous secretions.
Individual susceptibility and allergy sensitivity.

       Dandruff scale is a cluster of corneocytes, which have retained a large degree of cohesion with one another and detach as such from the surface of the stratum corneum. A corneocyte is a protein complex that is made of tiny threads of keratin in an organised matrix.The size and abundance of scales are heterogeneous from one site to another and over time. Parakeratotic cells often make up part of dandruff. Their numbers are related to the severity of the clinical manifestations, which may also be influenced by seborrhea.

Tips To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently
Eat Yogurt
There’s small amount of fungus that lives on scalp and feeds on the dead skin. And our skin’s good bacteria keep this fungus in check. Problem occurs when the balance of bad organism and good organism is faltered and the fungus begins to overgrow. Some of the triggers of fungus overgrowth are overuse of antibiotics, steroids, stressful lifestyle, unhealthy diet and hormonal imbalance.
Taking probiotics can bring relief from dandruff. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria and will help get rid of the root cause of dandruff – the fungus.
Another way to replenish the healthy bacteria is by taking a probiotic supplements. I usually take one or two every week. It helps with better absorption of nutrients from the food and keep your gut and skin healthy

Don’t Feed The Yeast
If fungus is the cause of your dandruff, then you got to pay attention to your diet to correct the imbalance between bad organisms (fungus) and good organisms (bacteria) . To begin with, remove all foods that feed the fungus – this includes fruit juices, alcoholic drinks, soya sauce, and vinegar (and food containing vinegar such as ketchup, pickles), tempeh, mushroom, peanuts and mature cheese. Also avoid refined flour and sugar for at least two to three weeks.

Essential Fatty Acids
Dandruff can occur when your sebaceous glands produce too little oil, causing dry, flaky, itchy scalp. Foods containing essential fatty acids feed the skin from inside out and therefore help combat the dryness and also reduce the redness and itching.
Eat more of oily fish plus flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts or their unrefined oils. And Ghee (clarified butter). Also called as God’s Food, ghee will not just eliminate dandruff, it will also make your hair and skin shine bright.

Ditch Your Shampoo
The harsh detergents, preservatives and artificial perfume in your shampoo can irritate your scalp, and cause excess dryness. Even the so-called natural shampoos are not so natural – meaning they too contain detergents, which can strip natural oils and irritate your scalp. It would be best if you can switch to homemade shampoos such as this or this one.
Also refrain from washing your hair every day, which can disrupt the scalp pH.  Instead, train your hair to go without washing for two or more days.

Use A Shower Filter
Hard water can make the dandruff worse. With all the cal and mineral deposits building up, the flakes and itch will not budge. But you can fight the hard water by using a acidic hair rinse, which will help remove the mineral build up. Alternatively you can install a water filter to give you cal-free water.

Simple Home Remedies To Reduce Itchy, Dandruff.
While you are want to eliminate the dandruff, here are some simple home remedies which will give you cure dandruff.permanently:
Aloe Vera Gel.
Aloe vera is miraculously soothing and will lessen your itch and redness instantly. It also has antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that help promote the healing of skin.
How to use: cut open the leaf and use the fresh gel directly on your scalp. And if using the market bought gel, ensure that it is not mixed with water or artificial flavorings.

Apple Cider Vinegar
The acidity of vinegar works to balance the scalp pH and if you have hard water, it will remove cal build up from your hair. You can use any vinegar, but apple cider vinegar is the best for hair.
How to use: mix one teaspoons of vinegar to two cups of water. You can also add a tablespoon of coconut water to it. After shampooing, pour this mixture on to your hair. Massage the scalp and work through your hair and leave it for a couple of minutes, then wash it off. Vinegar rinse also increases shine and gives body to limp hair.
Don’t forget to drink water. Water helps to keep the your skin and scalp hydrated and moisturised.

Tea tree oil.
With its anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, tea tree oil will bring great relief from dandruff. Many people recommend using this oil neat, but it’s safer to use it with some base oil such as olive or sesame. Mix ten drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of base oil. Massage into your scalp and leave on overnight or couple of hours

Neem Oil.
Neem oil has been used for thousands of years to treat skin irritations, eczema, acne, and dandruff. Neem oil is effective against several human fungi including candida, which is one of the major cause of dandruff. This oil is also rich in essential fatty acids and will work to soften your dry, angry skin.
How to use: mix one teaspoon neem oil with two tablespoon olive oil or avocado oil. You can also add 3 to 4 drops of lavender essential oil. Massage into your scalp and let it sit for few hours. Wash it off using a natural shampoo or SLS free shampoo.
And remember natural remedies take time to produce results, but the results are lasting. So hang in there!

Do you have dandruff? Try any of the above tips to get rid permanently.

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