How To Enjoy Pregnancy Even When It's Hard

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Being Pregnant is Incredible and Awesome

Pregnancy stresses the limits of women’s endurance. It takes woman to emotional heights and depths. It changes values as well as shapes.

But too often, we focus on the inconveniences and aches of pregnancy. Instead, it should and can be a time filled with good health, motivation, contemplation, re-evaluation and just plain fun.
Every pregnancy is a miracle, and very grateful even it isn’t always easy to enjoy. Want to have a happy pregnancy? Some of it is in your head. Make the most of your 9 months, starting now.

Here are Several Tips for you To enjoy Your Pregnancy:

Easier said than done, especially if you are working or have small children (or both!)  But I believe that getting as much sleep as you possibly can do so much good during pregnancy.
While it may take some juggling of schedules or self-control to turn off Netflix before midnight, getting enough sleep will help you feel better, more optimistic and just have more energy in general.
If you have bad heartburn, a wedge was heaven send to help make sleeping easier!

Get a pedicure and/or manicure
Pregnancy is a time that many women don’t feel 100% a lot of the time, it’s a good idea to pamper yourself when you can. A pedicure or a manicure can be some much-needed “me” time, that allows you to feel a little more relaxing.
Just make sure that if you are getting acrylic nails that you are in a well-ventilated area or you can wear a mask. 

Eat Small Meals and Snacks
It’s important to kepp your stomach filled, whether you experience morning sickness or not.
You don’t need a ton of extra calories, but it is important to make sure you aren’t starving yourself either.
Try not to concern yourself too much with your weight gain.
Talk with your doctor about the appropriate amount you should be gaining), and make sure you stay energized.

Buy a pregnancy pillow
Pregnancy pillows are designed to help pregnant women get more comfortable.

Use Preggie Pops
Preggie pops are great if you have morning sickness, or if you experience a lot of excess saliva during pregnancy They are just nice to have when you need something to help you feel better.

Indulge on those cravings every once in awhile
I would never be someone who tells you pregnancy is a time to eat whatever you want – in fact, I think it’s important to make sure you are trying to have a healthy, balanced diet.
The whole “you’re eating for two” thing is kind of a myth However, it’s okay to indulge on cravings every once in awhile.
Don’t feel bad about getting a big slice of cake for dessert every now and then, or getting an extra scoop of ice cream. It’s okay to treat yourself!

Take advantage of your status. 
Never again will more people be so willing to help you. Accept that bus seat. Say yes to offers to carry your packages. Rather than feel guilty, resolve to pass the favors on to another pregnant woman later.

Let people help you
A lot of women feel like they have to be super women and get everything done themselves. It’s important to not only ask for help when you need it, but accept help when it’s offered.
Not everyone is lucky enough to live near family, have a supportive church or community group, or even close friends. But for the most part, I have seen many people are willing to help during pregnancy – so let them if they offer!.

Go easy on nesting. 
Setting up a nursery and shopping for a new baby can be fun, but don’t let it overwhelm you. All he really needs is shelter, basic diapers, clothing, food and you.

Look your best.
Invest in a couple of special maternity outfits, including some pretty lingerie. Wear flattering colors and styles. Get beauty treatments often. 

Get a pregnancy massage
Make sure you go to someone who has the equipment and training for pregnancy massages though.Great deals always seeing on Groupon for pregnancy massages. A lot of women enjoy and recommend in pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to indulge!

Revel in your belly. 
When your baby is awake and active, put a jelly bean or half-filled glass of water on your belly, lean back, and watch the show. Photograph or videotape your ultrasound. Record the heartbeat. Have a cast made of your belly. Show the real thing off, too.

Evaluate your life. 
Suddenly, climbing the corporate ladder may not seem so important. Perhaps your lifestyle feels “off” now that you are bringing a child into it. Take advantage of any doubts or discontentment to do some soul-searching, and be prepared for shifts in your priorities.

Renew your spirituality. 
The timing couldn’t be better. When you’re pregnant, you’re more contemplative, more in tune with creation,

Enjoy being kneaded. 
Performed correctly, prenatal massage can safely relax you; ease muscle stress, swelling and back pain; and improve circulation. Massage can also help a woman develop greater sensory awareness, which is very useful in labor and delivery. Women who are touched in a nurturing way more easily transfer that nurturing to their babies.

Join a pregnancy discussion board
There are sometimes some mean mothers in there, so be aware of that, but overall, if you are having trouble finding anyone who understands what you are going through, this can be a good place to connect with other moms who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you.

Be queen for a day (for 9 months).
Trash your to-do lists. Nap without guilt. Take extra showers. Go to Day spa. Take your shoes off and put your feet up. Buy a body pillow for your last trimester. If meals or housework are too much, hire help or call on a friend.

Do pregnancy yoga
Exercise can sometimes be more difficult during pregnancy, but Iit highly recommend pregnancy yoga. It helps you prepare your body for birth, and it’s just good for your spirit.
There’s lots of free series of pregnancy yoga on YouTube.

Even if it’s hard to exercise, it’s very important during pregnancy. 
There are many benefits to exercising during pregnancy, and it’s recommended that you get at least 20 minutes a day. Even if you didn’t exercise much before pregnancy, just starting with walking can make a big difference in your mood and your recovery from child birth. 

Create a Pregnancy Diary
It’s been fun to compare this pregnancy to last one that way, it’s a good way to keep track of things you may not remember otherwise.
There are lots of ways to do a pregnancy diary, you could use a traditional journal, or even something like this Belly Book.

Stay hydrated
Pregnant women need to stay more hydrated than the average person. Doctor said taht pregnant woman should be drinking two times more than before pregnant.
Try to avoid caffeinated or sugary drinks, as those can make you feel more sluggish.
However, if water is too hard on your stomach, try adding some lemon, diluting some juice, or something like that. Infused water bottles are great. It’s just important to stay hydrated, especially if you live at a high altitude.

Discover your baby’s personality. 
There are characteristics about her baby that a mother can learn in utero, How active your unborn child is and how he reacts to certain foods, styles of music, even your moods can give clues about his character.

Share the joy. 
Ask other women what they love about pregnancy. Talk with your doctor or midwife about the beautiful births they’ve attended. Avoid horror stories. If someone insists on sharing an awful experience, ask, “Would you do it again?” Often, women with the worst stories have several more babies.

Despite all the pregnancy horror stories, pregnancy can be a wonderful time. Doing useful tips above will help you make the best of your happy pregnancy.

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