Does Money Can Make You Happy?

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Money can’t protect someone from their own worst traits.

          Do you working hard to get a high salary, but still feel that you’re not able to enjoy the kind of fancy lifestyle? While it seems that there’s a new public shaming of a high-flying status star each week, our desire to be as wealthy as a moviestar doesn’t seem to wane. People equate money with happiness, even though a lot of famous and wealthy famous person are experiencing relational and well-being crisis events that we used to associate with people who made up the lower stratus in the earnings category. We’ve come to realize, though, that drug addiction, domestic violence, drunk driving, and physical altercations don’t discriminate against the “famous and rich,” yet many people still assume that money will buy them happiness and immunity from the worries that they have in the less affluent status they currently carry.

Many people share a fairly common misconception. They believe that having lots of money can make them happy,  more money we have, the happier we can be. Others believe that having money is not spiritually or socially acceptable, and that money is the root cause of all evil. Are any of these beliefs really true? To answer this question, start to asking yourself, what does money mean to you, and how do you treat it when you have it?

Money can create powerful, positive changes in the world. Money allows us to function more easily in the world, provide comfort in lives.  However, because attachment to money is based on fear, it always creates insecurity. The passion to have more money, and thereby feel more secure, never ends. Security can never come from money alone. Some of the people who have the most money are also the most insecure. Does this mean you must give up the passion to attain wealth? Not necessarily. In and of itself money is neither good nor bad. It is what we choose to do with money that determines if it will have a positive effect on society, others, and ourselves.

You probably think achievements such asmarriage, education, family and status make a people happy. While money makes these achievements more attainable, it has little to do with happiness when compared to an individual’s characteristic sense of well being. Some psychologists believe happiness is genetic. Other scientists say they may have located an important area of the brain where happiness is generated.

While these ideas are debated, we don’t have to wait to begin discovering happiness within ourselves. Each of our lives is sprinkled with ample opportunities for discovering happiness. Search for the small things that give you a little laugh or a smile. Take time to be with your family and friends. In the long run, these are the treasures that will enhance your happiness, not some grand achievements that give you a lift for a short while. Money alone will not make you happy.

True happiness results from sharing generously of yourself, your emotion, mind, and spirit, with all those who come in contact with you. Be an optimist. Do kind deeds for others. Explore the deeper resources within you by praying to God from your heart. Through sincere prayer and mindful meditation you will attain the highest achievement in life – the discovery of your eternal happiness with God. So, you must choose. Happines? Money? It is extremely rare that you can have both.

Does Money Buy Happiness?
Studies often present diverse findings related to the connection between income and happiness. It’s not so much the level of income that directly determines level of happiness, but rather the ways in which you are able to direct your income to purposes that are likely to bring you happiness and satisfaction. This means that it is the ability to afford the things that bring personal satisfaction that really matters. These “things” may, indeed, be “things,” but they may also include the ability to afford experiential purchases (vacations, green fees, surf lessons, whatever appeals to you), payment for services (lawn care, house cleaning, etc.) to provide you with more time to do what you prefer to do with your time, or even to engage in meaningful philanthropy.

Many people who earn less than the $200K marker actually feel rich, even though they are not exactly high earners. Dollars have a specific determined value in the economic world, but the emotional or practical desire for more of this commodity varies greatly across individuals.

Money Makes Us Happy, But It Isn’t Everything
So, while the act of earning or receiving money can trigger a sense of happiness, it is important to not get wrapped up in the addiction and constant need for more. There are a several of things that can provide us with happiness in our lives, and while money may be one of them, it certainly should not be the only one.
Take time to enjoy the simple things in life. Find joy in things other than money, like hobbies and family time. Money isn’t everything.

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