Are You Woman Who Falling in Love in Middle Age?

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Romance in Middle-age

In fundamental ways, dating is same at any age. Falling in love is enjoyable. Breaking up after a relationship is painful. Recovery from the hurt of a relationship often takes longer than one anticipates. Resilience prevails through the excitement of meeting someone new and through the realization that dating itself has value.

In other important ways, dating is different later in life. 
In particular, there is an increased resistance to changing oneself, a belief that time for active dating may be running out, and the clear knowledge that dating is not meant to start a family.  How these differences are framed can strongly influence one’s perspective about dating and breaking up – and dating again.

       Middle age does not mean increased urgency after a breakup. It is important to keep in mind that other, similar-aged people are also looking for romance.
Growing older actually means increased experience with relationships of many kinds. Lot of women are dating after divorce or death of a spouse. Most have been in the workforce for at least 2 decades. The complexities of maintaining personal and professional relationships for many years create memories that people can draw on to get through a breakup as sources of strength and wisdom.

These love feelings, when they come down on you, can be extraordinarily burdensome. This becomes even more so if you’ve complicated your midlife years by having an affair.
There is a way out, though. By looking inward, discovering your true life goals, and striving towards them, it’s possible to cope and overcome these emotional struggles of the midlife crisis.
Here’s some advice:

Believe in the universe and its power. Let yourself have some faith that everything will be okay in the end.

Identify what in your life has triggered your midlife crisis.  Is it a marriage that’s become too routine? Is it a dead-end job you’re tired of? Is it a predictable life that goes the same way every single day with no excitement? Once you know which part of your life is causing this so-called crisis, you can work to change it.

Relearn the power of trust. If you let the flow of life take over and you understand that you’ll always have a solid foundation in which to land on, you can surpass feelings of discernment and skepticism.

Understand that it’s okay and even preferable to have dreams. You as human beings shouldn’t ever stop dreaming, even if our lives are already established and laid out before us. You can have achieved most of your life goals, like getting married, owning a house having kids, and having a stable job and yet still want more out of life. Let your dreams go wild!

Take things slow and 1 day at a time. All Feeling are like waves, it come and go. Sometimes emotions can be so overwhelming that it feels like they are here to stay. But they never do. Some waves you can just observe and let them pass. Learning to surf with grace and full awareness is a great way to slow down. Notice what captivates you within a day. Know that a new day will come no matter how stressful the one before it was.

Love. It’s wonderful and terrifying no matter when you find it. But looking for love in middle age comes with its own unique joys and challenges.

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