How to Lose Excess Hip Fat and Thigh Naturally

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How To Lose Excess Hip Fat Naturally At Home

       Lot of Female are prone to gain excess fat in the hip and thigh regions. You will be surprised to know that this is an advantage during pregnancy. But the downside is, after a certain age, pregnant or not, you will gain weight around your hips and thighs, depending on your body type. This leads to the appearance of cellulite (orange peel-like skin due to excess fat accumulation and expanding of the skin). It’s a sign of an unhealthy habits and lifestyle, and you must change it. These are the ways to shed the excess fat from the hips, prevent sagging, and mold your hips back in shape. 

Cardio Exercises:

Workout with only squats and lunges will not help burn thighs and hip fat. Cardio is very much needed for stubborn fat to burn. Cardio exercises increases the heart rate which helps in burning the fat in a much easier way. Just doing cardio is boring as well as useless. Might as well, spend half an hour a day on cardio and rest for squats. Jog for 15 minutes or run on a treadmill for 20 minutes after warm up. Cycling or cross training for 15 minutes can also be done.High intensity circuit training- 20 seconds of Burpees, 20 seconds of Jumping jacks, 20 seconds of squats, 20 seconds raised arms and 20 seconds of High knees. This circuit should be done 5 times with 30 seconds rest between every set.50 on spot fast jumping. 3 sets of this with 10-15 seconds break between every set.

Drink a lot of water
Keeping yourself hydrated is the best way to flush out toxins and boost your metabolism.
Drink at least three to four liters of water every day to see visible changes in your skin, body weight and brain function. You can also add herbs and spices like cinnamon to the water to make it more appealing in taste and appearance.

Coffee To Whittle The Excess Flab
Coffee without sugar or any cream can help you shed the extra pounds. Coffee helps suppress appetite and makes you feel full.
Drink a cup of black coffee 30 minutes before any meal for best results. If you are not a fan of caffeine, you can opt for green coffee, which has very less caffeine and is loaded with chlorogenic acid that boosts metabolism and prevents fat absorption. Drink two cups of black coffee, along with 3-4 liters of water to lose weight without putting in too much effort.

Balance Your Hormones
Hormones, particularly the women hormones progesterone and oestrogen, are largely responsible for individual weight distribution. The two hormones exist within a delicate balance but often this balance is thrown off by pregnancy, genetics, and lifestyle choices.
Progesterone works against cortisol while oestrogen impedes insulin production and action. Avoiding stress and working out are some of the long term remedies for correcting this delicate balance. To speed things up and put your hormonal balance firmly in your control, you can use the BHRC hormone replacement therapy. This will restore the correct endocrine system balance and help you burn fat and lose weight.

Green Tea

Green tea, it is sure not tasty to drink but it helps in burning the belly and hips fat. Drinking 1 glass of green tea everyday after working out helps not only in burning fat but also in strengthening immune system. Green tea contains, bioactive, minerals, compounds and antioxidants which helps in increased rate of burning fat. The compounds in the green tea leaves decreases cholesterol and increases metabolic rate. Never have green tea with milk. If mixed in milk, all the antioxidants and minerals present in the leaf are lost. Mix two teaspoons of green tea leaves in one glass of hot water and let it settle for 5 minutes. Mix just half a table spoon just for it to not taste very bitter.

The thigh and hip fat is right under the skin and do not burn very easily. Any kind of work out or diet burns fat proportionately. It is up to the body which part of the body fat it wants to reduce. Burning thighs and hips fat needs patience. Regular exercise and proper diet can help reduce fat faster. Proper workout routine should be made for the week and no matter what do not skip working out. Natural remedies without working out reduces only belly fat. Agree or not, thighs and hips need work out in order to have perfect curves and legs.

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