Secrets to a Long Happy Marriage That You Should Know

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Marriage Advice for Wife.

      What are the secret of a happy long term marriage? 
When you spend time with people who’ve been happily long term marriage for most of their lives, it’s the little things you notice. The way she lights up,  all these years later! 
 when she recounts the day they first met. The ring of admiration in his voice as he describes her successes. The shared smiles. The deference. “Don’t you think? Isn’t that right?” Maybe they don’t finish each other’s sentences, but you get the sense they could.
How’d they do it? A happy long-term couple, the experts seem to agree, hinges in part on pairing up wisely and in part on mastering the skills that foster a healthy marriage.

Accept Each Others’ Differences
No one is perfect, and sometimes the traits that couples first found endearing are the same traits that are driving them crazy today. The key is recognizing that those fundamental differences are a part of who our partner is and accepting them for who they are, warts and all. For those instances when their character traits do cause conflict, they become the catalyst for positive, forward-looking conversations.

The only way we can truly change is when we feel that our partner accepts us for who we are. For example, husband and wife have a fundamental difference about time. Wife love that husband is so laid-back about most things, but that includes being on time. Wife need to be early to feel like she is on time. There are times when husband works hard to make it out of the door on time to ease wife’s anxiety, and then there are times when she need to soothe herself that he is really doing his best to work on it and it just doesn’t always happen.

They Make a Habit of Staying Positive

Every marriage has its ups, downs, and a few sideways in between. The husband and wife that succeed accept that things go wrong; they don’t allow themselves to become waylaid by unrealistic expectations that will remain unmet. Most long term marriages develop a positive habit of mind. They operate out of the belief that their partner has their best interests at heart. They work hard not to allow resentments to build.
Show Respect For Each Other’s Opinions
All five fingers are not equal. Meaning, each finger has a different length and isn’t identical to others.
The same analogy applies to you and your husband The two of you are different individuals with distinct personalities and unique worldviews. It’s important to recognize these differences and respect them.
Your opinion on an issue, topic or even food can be very different than your spouse. Being aware that it’s normal to encounter such differences is an important step towards a long term marriage.

Couples who Have Long Term Marriage Can Weather of Crisis.
No marriage is crisis-free, and some crises are bigger than others. 
A crisis doesn’t have to end a marriage, and strong couples are the ones who realize that and are willing to do whatever it takes to work through the problem, no matter how difficult it might be. It requires that they express their emotions and thoughts and pain with their partner. It also requires that they listen to each other’s pain without trying to minimize it or take it away. People need to feel that their partner is willing to listen to their pain and validate it.

Caring for each other
Always intensely interested in the happenings of each other’s career and life, they agree they are lifelong best friends. If husband have a problem, wife is the first person he’d turn to, and vice versa,
So, it’s important for couples to really nurture that friendship. That’s what keeps you have long term marriage.

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