How to Get Smooth Skin Texture on Face Naturally

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How to Make Your Face Have Smooth Skin

     Your skin’s health is influenced by some factors, including stress, pollution and sun heat. 
That, over time, chip away at your complexion and make skin more prone to roughness, wrinkles, bruises, age spots and sagging. Those who struggle with genetic conditions like eczema, ichthyosis, keratosis pilaris and psoriasis are especially susceptible to having rough skin and dry as well as those who live in dry climates with low humidity.

With older women, the chemical and hormonal changes the body undergoes due to perimenopause and menopause can contribute to an overall loss of skin smoothness. Tthe normal aging process plays a huge role in your skin’s health.  As we age, our body produces less  of the elements that keep us looking younger. Collagen protein provides firmness and support. Yet, by the time a woman reaches menopause, women has about 45% less collagen.

The buildup of dead and keratinized skin cells and repetitive irritation also take a toll on your skin’s texture and appearance, who also cites lack of moisture and hydration as one of the  reasons your skin appears dry and rough.
The uppermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum, which contains dead skin cells embedded in a waxy matrix of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. These important substances are all types of fats that help keep the skin moist.

How to Get Smoother and Healthy Skin Naturally.
Make some lifestyles changes 
The way to getting a smooth skin face is to get 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted night’s sleep.
Proper sleep at night helps in rejuvenating your health skin and body. Additionally, engaging in regular physical exercises is another way to minimize inflammation, free radical changes, and regulation of significant skin hormones in your body. 

Boost hydration with the right moisturizers.
Whether you have dry or oily skin, moisturizing is important to balance your skin’s sebum production. Lotions and creams are oily products that can plump up some of the dead skin cells and provide a smoother-feeling texture by adding an oily layer to the surface. It can be made much more effective by adding active ingredients to the lotion or cream. Think of the lotion or cream as the ‘base’ or vehicle for a more effective ingredient such as retinoid, growth factor, vitamin C or alpha/beta hydroxy acids.
When choosing the right ingredients, taking note of your skin type and sensitivity is key. It’s also important to know whether you’ll be treating other skin conditions such as acne, brown spots and eczema before trying anything new since choosing the wrong moisturizer can make your skin worse.  For best results, apply your lotion or moisturizer on damp skin (or within three minutes of stepping out of the shower) to trap water, then follow up with a face or body oil to seal and lock in moisture.

Hydration is mandatory 
The key to a beautiful, soft, and supple skin is to drink plenty of water. This is because water is a vital component for the proper functioning of your body including your skin. Water helps flush out toxins from body system that would otherwise harm your body. Women must aim to drink at least 2 liters of water, or eight glasses of water daily. On the other hand, males need at least three liters or 13 cups of water daily. 

Treat your skin from within 
If you want to a have smooth face that is free of pimples and acne, you need to change your diet as it plays a role in your overall skin health/appearance. Add berries to your daily meals and avoid sugary foods. This will prevent premature loss of collagen, aging, cancer as well as other health complications. Furthermore, you need to consume fish at least biweekly so that you get plenty of Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are vital in having smoother and radiant skin. 

Sweat your skin with regular exercise.

So you’re already eating more veggies and sleeping better, but your journey to a healthier lifestyle and smoother skin won’t be complete without adding regular exercise to your routine. Exercise induces more blood volume to be pumped through the vessels of the face, leading to more micronutrients and healing properties to the facial skin. It helps reduce inflammation, regulate skin-significant hormones and prevent free radical damage. 
Try out the above tips on how to have a smooth and healthy skin face and see the result.

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